Thomas Rumsey


Thomas Rumsey is the co-owner with Master Claudio França & is the head instructor at this location. He is a  2nd Degree Black Belt under Master Claudio França. He was awarded his black belt in November 2014. His BJJ journey began at the age of 38. This journey became a permanent part of his life. He has been training in BJJ for over 22 years winning several medals in tournaments such as the US Open, IBJJF Pans, Master Worlds along with several other tournaments throughout the United States. During his travels in the United States, Thailand and the Philippines he has pursued meetings and trainings in BJJ, meeting many great people. At the age of 60 he is determined to share what he has learned and to teach others how to apply these simple aspects of BJJ for conditioning, self-defense and building the confidence of each student. His goal is to use and share his knowledge and life experiences to make children and adults better people in the world.