Claudio França BJJ Boxing

The Ring

Boxing matches take place in a square or rectangular ring with defined boundaries. The ring provides a controlled environment for the fighters and serves as the stage for their competition.

Weight Classes

To ensure fair competition, boxers are divided into weight classes. This means that fighters face opponents of similar size and weight, reducing the risk of unfair advantages.


Matches are divided into rounds, usually lasting two to three minutes each, with a one-minute rest between rounds. The number of rounds varies depending on the level of competition, with professional bouts typically consisting of 10 to 12 rounds.
Claudio França BJJ Boxing


Boxing matches are scored based on a system where judges award points for effective and clean punches landed on the opponent. Points are deducted for rule violations or improper conduct.

Attire and Equipment

Boxers wear specialized gloves, mouth guards, and protective headgear during amateur competitions. Professional fighters generally do not use headgear. The distinctive boxing gloves are designed to protect both the hands of the fighter and the opponent.

Stance and Footwork

Boxers adopt a specific stance to optimize their balance, mobility, and defensive capabilities. Proper footwork is crucial for maintaining control, evading punches, and positioning for offensive maneuvers.


The primary punches in boxing include jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts. Each punch has its own technique and application, and fighters use a combination of these to outmaneuver their opponents.

Claudio França BJJ Boxing


Defensive skills are just as important as offensive techniques in boxing. Fighters employ techniques such as blocking, slipping, and ducking to avoid incoming punches.

Knockout and Decision

A knockout occurs when a boxer is unable to continue fighting, either due to being knocked down and unable to get up within a specified time or due to the referee’s decision. If a fight goes the distance without a knockout, judges determine the winner based on points.

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