Our Philosophy

Our community-based method of instruction integrates beginners into ongoing classes with advanced students. Newcomers learn not only from the class instructors but also from more experienced students, providing a wider pool of knowledge, wisdom, and technique. Advanced students, in turn, gain insight by helping beginners to progress. All classes are taught by qualified instructors. We choose our instructors based on teaching ability, technical knowledge, personal integrity, patience, and dedication to the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Students also improve their quality of life through developing their focus, discipline, skill, self-confidence and physical fitness. Jiu Jitsu can provide families with a lifetime of shared memories, personal growth, and common interest.



Dojo Etiquette:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Dojos tend to teach in a more relaxed and less rigid atmosphere than traditional martial arts. Nonetheless, in order to maintain a positive environment that is both conducive to learning and welcoming to potential students, we require our students, parents of students in the kids’ classes, and staff to adhere to the following Dojo Etiquette guidelines.


  • Always show respect to your instructors, training partners, and fellow human beings. Respect in training means: do not seek to harm fellow students physically (e.g., by cranking a submission harder than necessary to make them tap) or emotionally (i.e., by calling them names or making jokes about hurting them). Respect also means that you must train seriously and hard enough for you and your partner to improve his or her skills, conditioning, and fighting spirit. Not giving your best during training detracts from both you and your partner’s experience.
  • Maintain good hygiene (i.e., shower and brush your teeth regularly). As you can imagine, it is difficult to concentrate on technique when you find your partner’s smells distracting!
  • Keep finger and toe nails short and clean to prevent injury to yourself and others.
  • Bring a clean, dry gi to each class. Also, always keep a rash guard or T-shirt in your gym bag for no-gi classes.
  • Keep shoes off the mat, so that we can keep the mats clean and sanitary.
  • Do not walk outside with bare feet. If you have to go outside, wear sandals or shoes. Items (5) and (6) are especially important to prevent the spread of skin conditions such as ringworm.
  • Do not shout loudly or use profanity in the dojo. This should go without saying.
  • Do not talk while the instructor is talking. It distracts those who are trying to learn and is disrespectful to the teacher, as well as other students.
  • Stand, sit with your legs crossed, or kneel during class. No lounging. Studies show that people learn more effectively when seated in upright postures.
  • Please wear your gi, a T-shirt, or a tank top while in public areas of the Dojo. No bare backs!
  • Do not leave the mat during class without the instructor’s permission.
  • Keep cell phones off during class. Again, they distract those who are trying to learn.
  • If the instructor has not changed the task, then continue doing the task he or she has given (i.e., don’t sit around talking because you feel you have done a technique enough times). You can NEVER do a technique too many times.



Our teachers and staff bring you the highest quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction in a friendly, respectful, family environment. Whether you’re looking for discipline, fitness, sport or self-defense training, we will meet your needs. Our rotating curriculum covers all aspects of grappling, for self-defense and competition, from throws and take-downs to groundwork and submissions.


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Our community-based method of instruction integrates beginners into ongoing classes with advanced students. Newcomers learn not only from the class instructor, but also from more experienced students, providing a wider pool of knowledge, wisdom and technique.

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