Jim Page

Santa Cruz

Jim was born and raised in Santa Cruz.  He started Jiu-Jitsu at Claudio Franca’s in December 2006 and received his Black Belt in 2016.  He enjoys surfing, outdoor cooking, hanging out with friends and family when he’s not rolling or teaching on the mats.

 My role at Claudio França BJJ:

You can typically find me instructing the kids on Saturday mornings at the Santa Cruz location.  My wife Jana is always there to assist me which is a huge help.  She holds a purple belt under Claudio and the kids just love her.  It’s a bit of a different class because we invite all ages of children (4-14 years old).  This gives the ones that have a younger brother or sister a chance to be in the same class as them.

What do you love about the martial arts?

Besides keeping in shape and learning a very effective fighting style, an unexpected part was making some of the best friends of my life.  The camaraderie you develop with your training partners, competitors at tournaments and fellow students is unprecedented.  You will meet people from all walks of life that you most likely would never have encountered.


My favorite moment working with a student at Claudio França BJJ

I really enjoy watching the younger and smaller kids build their confidence as they train with some of the bigger, older and more experienced children.  At the same time, I see the bigger and older children develop compassion for the newer and smaller partners.  I think it’s character building that will make them better people in life.  To help and to look out for each other.


A parent who trains with us told me that his son, Kason, was explaining to him how he was going to help this newer kid in class because he remembers how it was when he first started and wanted him to feel safe and welcomed.  What else could you ask for?



To have a good opinion of yourself, and proclaim it to the world.  Not with loud words, but with good works. – By Grandmaster Carlos Gracie Sr.